RD Petroleum soaring to new heights with new aviation sites

RD Petroleum soaring to new heights with new aviation sites

1st December 2017

RD Petroleum have continued to expand their aviation fuel operations, and coming up to Christmas, will have more aviation operations up and running. Our Balclutha facility now operates Jet A-1, along with Av Gas, which is fantastic for the tourism operations, and agricultural operations in the Balclutha region. The aviation facility at Greymouth has changed from BP to RD Petroleum effective 1st of December.

RD Petroleum are always looking to the future and are expecting to have a site installed with Jet A-1 located at Haast during the first quarter of next year. While a site for Av Gas is going in early December in Timaru, conveniently located next to the South Canterbury Aero Club. Early January, we expect to have a Mount Cook facility, located at Glentanner, which will be open to Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card holders. Pictured here is one of the Mount Cook tourism operators who uses the Jet A-1 facility at Glentanner; The Helicopter Line (THL). All this wouldn’t be possible without the support of the local aviation industry at all our locations, thank you for your ongoing support and wishing you all safe and happy flying this holiday season.

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