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Fuel Cards.

RD Petroleum fuel cards ensure you keep moving.

With 24/7 access to the ever-increasing network of rural service sites across the South Island. Save at the pump with RD Petroleum fuel card. Our cards are also accepted at BP service stations and Gasoline Alley (G.A.S) sites across New Zealand. We've got all of your fuel stops covered.

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Start enjoying our exclusive value-added benefits:

•   24-hour access to RDP fuel sites
•   Accepted at BP and G.A.S petrol service stations
•   No annual fees
•   No transaction fees
•   Consolidate all your fuel expenses in one simple monthly statement

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Start saving at the pump with an RDP Fuel Card.

Accepted at BP service stations, G.A.S petrol service stations, and RD Petroleum’s fuel sites, we’ve got you covered. Get 24/7 access to RDP fuel sites, streamline your accounts, and save at the pump across New Zealand.

Apply for your RD fuel card today either online or through our friendly team. Simply call 0800 44 00 14 or fill in the following forms to sign up as an individual.

Applications require a Direct Debit Form, Sign Up Form and a User Form for each person or vehicle.

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Enjoy the benefits as a business with RDP Fuel Cards.

Does your business want to start saving at the fuel pump? Could your business benefit from 24/7 access to the RDP network and a fuel card that is accepted at BP and G.A.S petrol service stations? Sign up your business today. With no annual fees and no transaction fees, consolidate all your fuel expenses as a business into one simple monthly statement.

RD Petroleum welcomes businesses to start saving with an RD Petroleum Fuel Card. For large-scale businesses, call our team on 0800 44 00 14.

Applications require a Direct Debit Form, Sign Up Form and a User Form for each person or vehicle that is associated with your business.

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