RD Petroleum Helping to keep Businesses Rolling with Winter Diesel

RD Petroleum Helping to keep Businesses Rolling with Winter Diesel

15th April 2019

We know we’ve had unseasonably warm weather across the South Island but autumn is here and to quote Game of Thrones - winter is coming.

With the change in season in some areas, RD Petroleum switches from regular diesel to winter diesel. Winter diesel is set to the seasonal specification requirement for cold flow properties in diesel, basically, this means your diesel remains safe and easy to use, even on cold nights and chilly mornings.

To get technical, RDP works with BP Oil New Zealand and looks at the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP). This takes into account the highest temperature at which a given volume of diesel fuel fails to pass through a standard filtration device, in a specified time, when cooled under standardised conditions. We also check the Cloud Point (CP), which is the temperature at which the appearance of a cloud of wax crystals is first detected. Basically, it defines when diesel will stop running - and nobody wants that - especially in cold weather.

Winter diesel comes in at around mid-April onwards, weather dependent. Bluff and Dunedin terminals can reach as low as -15, while Timaru, Christchurch and Nelson are a little warmer, only reaching a -9. Some areas such as the Mackenzie Basin can really freeze, but RDP still has those areas covered, offering some customers a Rox diesel additive that will take the pour point down to a balmy -24.

Here at RDP, we’re about keeping your business running, and especially in places where we know it can get very cold in winter and where some of New Zealand’s (and arguably the world’s) tastiest produce relies on our fuel and diesel to stay safe from frost, that’s why we ensure our clients are up-to-date when it comes to winter diesel and recommend you check in with your RD Petroleum rep about winter diesel and how it applies to you.

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