RDP welcomes its third new Kenworth to the fleet

RDP welcomes its third new Kenworth to the fleet

11th November 2019

RD Petroleum recently added another T610 Kenworth to our fleet, built specifically for the delivery of bulk fuel. It’s the first of its kind in the RD fleet using a Kenworth T610 8x4 rigid in this configuration; an 8x4 rigid cab and chassis with an 18000L barrel combined with a large five-axle 32000L capacity dog trailer. The unit has been built fit-for-purpose and is running on an HPMV permit. This permit will allow the unit to travel on the road at 58T maximum weight.
The unit has state-of-the-art safety features including collision avoidance technology. It can monitor road and traffic conditions constantly, to prevent and protect drivers and road users from potentially hazardous situations. It comes with autonomous braking, electronic stability, adaptive cruise control, and more features to increase safety on the road.
A lot of people have gone into its creation. It was purchased through Southpac Trucks in Christchurch (Steve Herring), the Kenworth cab and chassis were constructed at Kenworth Australia while the tank and trailer were manufactured by Heil Asia and the unit was put together in New Zealand by Tanker Solutions in Wellington. Signbiz Ltd in Wellington worked on the signage with the help of Truck Signs in Tauranga and Heavy Diesel in Christchurch helped with the finishing touches and on-road compliance.
It’s a welcome addition to the fleet and will operate mainly out of Dunedin. The truck will present a set of different challenges for our drivers, who are looking forward to up-skilling. More drivers will be taking on further training in the Kenworth units and this new set-up to become familiar with how it handles on New Zealand roads and conditions.

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