RDP Welcome the Kenworth T610 SAR B-train to the fleet.

RDP Welcome the Kenworth T610 SAR B-train to the fleet.

24th October 2018

RD Petroleum is proud to announce the latest member of the RD Petroleum fleet; the Kenworth T610 SAR. This particular model was designed and built especially for Australian and New Zealand conditions. It was released in 2017. The T610SAR model only comes in the 6x4 setup. This one was built at the Kenworth Factory in Melbourne, Australia.

The addition of the T610SAR is an exciting time for RD Petroleum, as this is the first Kenworth to join the RD Petroleum fleet. The current fleet is predominantly DAF but the Kenworth Brand falls under the Southpac family along with the DAF. So, when the decision was made to move forward with this particular vehicle design, it made good sense to stay within the Southpac family and look at a reliable unit that was built for purpose.

The safety specifications on the tractor unit are the latest in technological advances for better on-road safety with state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology. It can monitor road and traffic conditions constantly to prevent and protect drivers and other vehicles from potentially hazardous situations. Other features on this unit are such things as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking, electronic stability programme EBSS braking and disc brakes all round. We are introducing the latest safety technology into the RD Petroleum fleet with this vehicle and this will set a standard for RD Petroleum vehicles going forward.

The B-train will be set up to travel under HPMV regulations at 58T. The B-train will cart approx. 8000L – 9000L extra product than our biggest units currently in Dunedin and Christchurch. The unit will be carting Jet A1 from Dunedin or Christchurch to various locations throughout the South Island. With the addition of the T610 SAR B-train on the road, this will bring better efficiency into the business, with bigger fuel loads resulting in reduced trips.

The decals on the tractor unit were completed by Truck Signs in Tauranga, while the tractor unit was supplied by Southpac Trucks and the trailers were built by Tanker Solutions.

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