RDP adds a second Kenworth T610 into the fleet.

RDP adds a second Kenworth T610 into the fleet.

5th August 2019

With the success of RD Petroleum’s first Kenworth T610 SAR to the fleet, RDP has upgraded a tractor unit to the latest in driver safety with another Kenworth T610, this time in an 8x4 set-up. The Kenworth T610 has proven its place in the RDP fleet and is well suited to its application.

This new unit will operate predominately from Dunedin to Queenstown and Christchurch where required. The addition of another Kenworth T610 brings a welcome challenge to the team as drivers undertake training to ensure they understand how to effectively operate the vehicle and the additional safety features.

This unit was registered in 2019 and comes with state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology and on-road safety features. It can monitor road and traffic conditions constantly, to prevent and protect drivers and road users from potentially hazardous situations. It comes with adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking, electronic stability, and more features to increase safety on the road.

The decals on the tractor unit were completed by Truck Signs in Tauranga, while the unit was set-up by SouthPac and Heavy Diesel Parts & Services (HDPS) in Christchurch.

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