RD Petroleum: Sponsoring Local Schools

RD Petroleum: Sponsoring Local Schools

27th July 2017

This cute thank you arrived on our desk today from Windwhistle School in Canterbury. It says, this year, all the monies raised from the golf tournament (which we helped sponsor) are going towards providing the year 3 and some year 4 children (seven and 8 year old children) with a third teacher, ensuring that they can keep small classes to meet everyone’s needs.

We also recently received another thank you from the children at Duntroon School (who we helped with their Dansey’s Pass Trail ride). Happy to say the ride was a great success, and they’ve let us know that the money raised will be used to help with learning at the school and with school camps. The local school has a roll between 65 – 75 children.

At RD Petroleum, we care about supporting local schools and local children learn. We think it’s important to help local kids get the best possible future they can through their education.

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