RD Petroleum's New Mini-Tankers Meeting Market Demand

RD Petroleum's New Mini-Tankers Meeting Market Demand

1st September 2017

RD Petroleum now have three new mini tankers, purchased because of demand within the industry to provide a vehicle that is suited to the round town small businesses and particularly in the home heat market, in Christchurch and Southland. Our tanker in Christchurch is proving to be a great asset to the fleet, and with that in mind, we have now deployed mini tankers in Dunedin and Southland.

These vehicles allow us to have great maneuverability, so we can safely operate in tight areas, and can easily access our customers. They’re better suited for the home heat market, due to their size. We’ve found having a small vehicle such as this arriving at a property is preferable for a lot of our clients. Having these tankers locally based means we’ll potentially have faster delivery to our clients too.

We’ve had very supportive feedback from both customers and suppliers on our mini-tankers. Especially when the mini tankers turn up to someone’s personal home, as opposed to a larger vehicle. We look forward to seeing how they perform for our fleet over the coming months, and hope they continue to have such great backing from our customers.

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