RD Petroleum is rolling out camera technology to improve on-road safety

RD Petroleum is rolling out camera technology to improve on-road safety

1st June 2018

RD Petroleum is currently installing the latest in camera technology across the RDP delivery fleet. Inward and outward facing cameras are being installed in every delivery vehicle and automatically recording during operation. Soon most of the RD Petroleum fleet will have this technology, with Dunedin and Invercargill in the final stages of being rolled out.

The internal facing camera gives insight into driver reactions and allows us to look at ways that events were handled and if they could have been handled differently. Rolling out the camera technology allows RDP drivers to learn from these events. These cameras allow us to better access, react, and reflect on any incidences which are bound to occur on the road.

Health and safety is an important part of the RD Petroleum ethos and this new technology helps to support staff. Across any given day, RDP could have anything up to thirty or so drivers operating across New Zealand, and with 365 days in a year, incidences are bound to occur. The cameras are an excellent learning tool if anything should go wrong, and for staff to learn from any near misses or incidents.

Driving is one of the biggest hazards for RD Petroleum staff and this technology allows us to have the information right at our fingertips if something does occur. Drivers can alert us to an incident and we can easily download the video footage and access it. This means drivers are protected with accurate real-time footage and RD Petroleum can better react and respond to any incidences.

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