Hokitika now has Jet A-1 & Avgas

Hokitika now has Jet A-1 & Avgas

11th November 2019

Hokitika was RDP’s first publicly accessible aviation fuel site installed in February 2017. RD Petroleum’s aviation fuel offering has certainly expanded since then and RDP now has several aviation fuel sites across the South Island available to anyone with an Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet Card.

RD Petroleum also continues to offer bulk aviation fuel to a growing list of customers and now has a growing number of Kenworth trucks working 24/7 to deliver aviation fuel across the South Island. Hokitika now has Jet A-1 installed and operational.

We wouldn’t have the opportunity to provide more services and support for the local aviation industry without the help of our customers, so thank you for supporting RDP over the years. Ben from Wilderness Wings was one of our earliest customers at Hokitika, and you can read his review on our website.

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