Get a Reduced Carbon Footprint with Castrol VECTON

Get a Reduced Carbon Footprint with Castrol VECTON

15th April 2019

Reduce your carbon footprint in your business thanks to Castrol VECTON. It’s the latest product to be released by Castrol and is a certified carbon neutral product. The Castrol VECTON range will increase drain intervals and help maximise profits.

Initially introduced in Australia, it’s the first certified Carbon Neutral diesel engine oil range. It’s replacing RX Super, RX Plus and Agri Power Plus. Using Castrol VECTON will reduce your carbon footprint by an estimated 80kgs of CO2 per service, on an average services usage of 40L of engine oil. They’ve made some great upgrades to their product with System Pro Technology, increasing performance reserve and fighting against oil breakdown.

Switching to Castrol VECTON and a Carbon Neutral engine oil will help your business to become carbon neutral. A net-zero carbon footprint can help businesses stand out from competitors as a more environmentally responsible business and help make a positive change.

Check out Castrol VECTON on RD Petroleum, including the Product Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.

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