RD Petroleum set to be Providing Roxburgh and Invercargill with Aviation Fuel - 7th Jun 2018

RD Petroleum set to be Providing Roxburgh and Invercargill with Aviation Fuel

RD Petroleum will soon be supplying Jet A-1 in Roxburgh. The site will be accessible to anyone with an RD Petroleum Carnet card. It will help support the local agricultural aviation industry - the area is one of New Zealand’s most important apple and stone fruit growing areas, with a mixture of livestock and fruit production in the area.

RD Petroleum will soon be at Invercargill Airport, with an avgas site going in next to the hangar of Southern Wings Aviation College, an Air New Zealand preferred aviation institution, and one of the oldest aviation schools in New Zealand. RD Petroleum will be replacing the current inground avgas tank later this month and it will, again, be accessible to anyone with a Carnet card. We imagine the popular Aviation College will be one of our biggest users at the site.

With both aviation sites being accessible 24/7 to aviation users with an RD Petroleum Carnet card, kiwi businesses across Otago and Southland will be relieved to see these services continue. If you have accessed these sites in the past, please contact us on 0800 44 00 14 to ensure continued service. RD Petroleum is proud to be supporting the agricultural and aviation industries across the South Island.

RD Petroleum is rolling out camera technology to improve on-road safety - 1st Jun 2018

RD Petroleum is rolling out camera technology to improve on-road safety

RD Petroleum is currently installing the latest in camera technology across the RDP delivery fleet. Inward and outward facing cameras are being installed in every delivery vehicle and automatically recording during operation. Soon most of the RD Petroleum fleet will have this technology, with Dunedin and Invercargill in the final stages of being rolled out.

The internal facing camera gives insight into driver reactions and allows us to look at ways that events were handled and if they could have been handled differently. Rolling out the camera technology allows RDP drivers to learn from these events. These cameras allow us to better access, react, and reflect on any incidences which are bound to occur on the road.

Health and safety is an important part of the RD Petroleum ethos and this new technology helps to support staff. Across any given day, RDP could have anything up to thirty or so drivers operating across New Zealand, and with 365 days in a year, incidences are bound to occur. The cameras are an excellent learning tool if anything should go wrong, and for staff to learn from any near misses or incidents.

Driving is one of the biggest hazards for RD Petroleum staff and this technology allows us to have the information right at our fingertips if something does occur. Drivers can alert us to an incident and we can easily download the video footage and access it. This means drivers are protected with accurate real-time footage and RD Petroleum can better react and respond to any incidences.

WIN a Mt Cook and Glaciers Scenic Flight with RD Petroleum - 11th Apr 2018

RD Petroleum are giving one lucky person two tickets on a scenic flight over Mt Cook, Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers

Sign up for bulk fuel and go in the draw to WIN a Mt Cook and Glaciers Scenic Flight! Already a bulk fuel customer? Then just refer a friend to go in the draw.

See breath-taking views of New Zealand’s highest peaks including Aoraki/ Mt Cook and the Southern Alps largest glaciers including the magnificent Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. Fly over some of New Zealand’s most dramatic scenery, sitting comfortably in your first-class window seat. Wilderness Wings Scenic Flights are highly experienced pilots who offer informed in-flight commentary to complete your flight experience.

The winner will receive flights for two people, valid for one year and valued at $770. The draw will be made at 10am on 16/04/2018. Please note that the flight departs from Hokitika Airport and is weather dependent and at pilots’ discretion.

How to enter? We will be giving people the option to sign up directly for bulk fuel at Ag Fest West Coast on the 13th and 14th of April. RD Petroleum will be at site C44 or you can sign up for bulk fuel via the RD Petroleum website.

RD Petroleum Aviation taking off - 4th Apr 2018

RD Petroleum attended Warbirds Over Wanaka

The Flying New Zealand National Championships in February have been a highlight for RD Petroleum. Our Timaru Avgas site proved to be very popular. RD Petroleum provided a BBQ and cold drinks for the occasion, and there was lots of interest and sales through our new Timaru Avgas site.

RD Petroleum is expanding into aviation fuel in Invercargill and is on track to have the site up and running by the end of May, with it being fully accessible by RD Petroleum aviation customers with their Carnet card. The site, which replaces Air BPs Avgas site, will have both Jet A-1 and Avgas for sale.

RD Petroleum is also planning a site in Haast, the project is on track and we will hopefully have the site in place in August. It will provide locals with Avgas and Jet A-1.

Warbirds Over Wanaka was a monumental event, being the 30th anniversary event. We had a great catch-up with some of our customers and really enjoyed the show. New Zealand really has a fantastic industry with some talented pilots.

RD Petroleum are part of the St John Heart of Gold Annual Appeal - 1st Apr 2018

RD Petroleum are part of the St John Heart of Gold Annual Appeal

This April the RD Petroleum Dunedin office have signed up to the St John Heart of Gold Annual Appeal. RD Petroleum is committed to raising $1000 to pay for a day for our local St John.

Running the St John service across the South Island costs approximately $57,000 per day. Yes, that’s per day. That’s why RD Petroleum is a caring business set on raising our $1000 contribution to pay for a day in May.

Check out our St John Ambulance box located in the foyer of our office, drop in and give a donation at 399 Moray Place. Last April, kiwis raised a whopping $2.2 million dollars! Let’s see if we can beat that this year.

See how you can donate through RD Petroleum by following us on Facebook for updates or give directly to the St John New Zealand appeal (and give yourself a halo) here.

Keep cosy and warm this winter with RD Petroleum - 1st Apr 2018

RD Petroleum is a familiar sight for farm and rural residents around the South Island, and now urban residents can also enjoy the same excellent customer service for which RDP is known for in rural communities, through their home heating diesel.

RD Petroleum began delivering home heating diesel in the lower South Island main urban centres of Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill several years ago. Customer demand has continued to increase year upon year, with Queenstown and other centres now asking for RD Petroleum home heating.

RD Petroleum’s home heating delivery service is a little different

The RD Petroleum mini tankers that deliver RD Petroleum’s home heating diesel come specially equipped with a specially designed 60m hose. The length of the hose allows the trucks to access tanks without having to enter the property, avoiding damaging the driveway.

The trucks are also part of RD Petroleum’s extensive vehicle fleet. This means you have the latest communication and GPS tracking on board, so the operations team always know where they are and how far away they are from their next delivery.

RDP is the place to go if you require diesel conveniently delivered to your home and as a loyal RDP customer you're offered discounted pricing and can become eligible for value-added benefits. 

If you’re interested, talk to your local territory manager, give them a call today and you’ll be warm and toasty in no time. Find your territory manager on the About page or call 0800 44 00 14.

Continued momentum for RD Petroleum Aviation - 26th Jan 2018

Glentanner was completed on January 8th and is fully operational. It’s located at the main base of operations for The Helicopter Line (THL) who run tours up Mount Cook and surrounds, as well as being a key base for search and rescue operations. There are two pumps for use by THL, plus a public access line (closest shown) for itinerants. The concrete slab (shown in the image) is where our new tank was sympathetically placed underground, to not impact on the natural beauty of the mountains.

RD Petroleum’s Timaru site is set to be completed at the end of January. Conveniently placed next to the South Canterbury Aero Club rooms, the underground Avgas tank, with card swipe dispenser, will be a welcome addition to the area. RD Petroleum are looking forward to celebrating Flying New Zealand’s International and National Championships being held there from February 28th to March 4th. Best of luck to all those people competing.

Find out more about RD Petroleum's Aviation Fuel.

RD Petroleum soaring to new heights with new aviation sites - 1st Dec 2017

RD Petroleum soaring to new heights with new aviation sites

RD Petroleum have continued to expand their aviation fuel operations, and coming up to Christmas, will have more aviation operations up and running. Our Balclutha facility now operates Jet A-1, along with Av Gas, which is fantastic for the tourism operations, and agricultural operations in the Balclutha region. The aviation facility at Greymouth has changed from BP to RD Petroleum effective 1st of December.

RD Petroleum are always looking to the future and are expecting to have a site installed with Jet A-1 located at Haast during the first quarter of next year. While a site for Av Gas is going in early December in Timaru, conveniently located next to the South Canterbury Aero Club. Early January, we expect to have a Mount Cook facility, located at Glentanner, which will be open to Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card holders. Pictured here is one of the Mount Cook tourism operators who uses the Jet A-1 facility at Glentanner; The Helicopter Line (THL). All this wouldn’t be possible without the support of the local aviation industry at all our locations, thank you for your ongoing support and wishing you all safe and happy flying this holiday season.

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