RD Petroleum Aviation an asset to increasing New Zealand Tourism numbers - 16th Nov 2018

RD Petroleum Aviation an asset to increasing New Zealand Tourism numbers

RD Petroleum continues to make gains in aviation fuel with a site at Haast set to get Jet A-1 and Avgas early in 2019. Tourism on the West Coast has increased by 12% in 2017, above the National average of 6%. With the West Coast ranking number one for visitor expenditure (with visitors spending $548 million in the region). This means the site will be increasingly popular with tourism operators and a much-wanted asset to the region.

After a successful opening, the Franz Josef site continues to be popular, with 1.75 million international tourists visiting the national park in 2017 alone, in fact, during peak season the glacier receives 6000 visitors a day.

Aside from public access sites, RD Petroleum’s aviation operation continues to make gains, with a number of private businesses getting an RD Petroleum tank installed.

RD Petroleum now has a mini tanker driver in Central Otago - 25th Oct 2018

RD Petroleum would like to welcome our newest member of the RDP team; Vic Haggerty. You might have seen Vic’s friendly face driving in his mini tanker delivering diesel in Cromwell, Queenstown, Glenorchy, Wanaka or Tarras. Vic is a Cromwell local who has lived and worked in the Central Otago area for over 14 years.

Vic brings his positive, cheerful manner with him to RDP, and in his day enjoys the day to day deliveries, meeting people and fostering client relationships in the Central Otago area. He’s had a good warm welcome from the RD Petroleum team with extensive training in Invercargill and is positive about the future of growth for RDP mini tanker deliveries.

Vic’s mini tanker is a Mitsubishi Canter which holds 4000 litres of diesel. It’s great for getting into those tighter areas and has a handy 60-metre hose reel, so Vic can get to most tanks – including tiny areas and in vineyards, with just the hose.

Outside of work, Vic enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He has two adult daughters who are based in Wellington. Racing hydroplanes have become a bit of a family obsession, with his nephew and even 85-year-old mother watching from the lakeside.

RDP Welcome the Kenworth T610 SAR B-train to the fleet. - 24th Oct 2018

RD Petroleum is proud to announce the latest member of the RD Petroleum fleet; the Kenworth T610 SAR. This particular model was designed and built especially for Australian and New Zealand conditions. It was released in 2017. The T610SAR model only comes in the 6x4 setup. This one was built at the Kenworth Factory in Melbourne, Australia.

The addition of the T610SAR is an exciting time for RD Petroleum, as this is the first Kenworth to join the RD Petroleum fleet. The current fleet is predominantly DAF but the Kenworth Brand falls under the Southpac family along with the DAF. So, when the decision was made to move forward with this particular vehicle design, it made good sense to stay within the Southpac family and look at a reliable unit that was built for purpose.

The safety specifications on the tractor unit are the latest in technological advances for better on-road safety with state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology. It can monitor road and traffic conditions constantly to prevent and protect drivers and other vehicles from potentially hazardous situations. Other features on this unit are such things as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking, electronic stability programme EBSS braking and disc brakes all round. We are introducing the latest safety technology into the RD Petroleum fleet with this vehicle and this will set a standard for RD Petroleum vehicles going forward.

The B-train will be set up to travel under HPMV regulations at 58T. The B-train will cart approx. 8000L – 9000L extra product than our biggest units currently in Dunedin and Christchurch. The unit will be carting Jet A1 from Dunedin or Christchurch to various locations throughout the South Island. With the addition of the T610 SAR B-train on the road, this will bring better efficiency into the business, with bigger fuel loads resulting in reduced trips.

The decals on the tractor unit were completed by Truck Signs in Tauranga, while the tractor unit was supplied by Southpac Trucks and the trailers were built by Tanker Solutions.

RD Petroleum are proud supporters of the Life Education Trust – Heartland - 12th Sep 2018

RD Petroleum are proud supporters of the Life Education Trust – Heartland

The Life Education Trust – Heartland covers Otago and Southland, and RD Petroleum are proud supporters. Last year, Pip and Harold visited 8,140 children and 64 schools in the region.

RD Petroleum help the Life Education Trust in the Heartland by supplying them with an RD Petroleum fuel card, this helps them get around all the schools in the vast and beautiful Otago and Southland region.

The Life Education Trust really fills a gap in kiwi kids education covering food and nutrition, body systems, self-esteem, social relationships and substances and delivers important key messages for children’s health and wellbeing in an interactive and engaging way.

What you might not know is the Life Education Trust is a charitable trust which doesn’t receive any government funding, with 70% of their substantial running costs coming from grants, donations and fundraising ventures. That’s why it’s so important that businesses like ours and others throughout Otago and Southland put a hand up and support organisations like the Life Education Trust.

Find out more on the Life Education Trust website.

RD Petroleum upgrade to aviation site at Franz Josef is underway - 17th Aug 2018

RD Petroleum is doing upgrades to the aviation fuel site at Franz Josef Glacier. Part of the upgrade involved transporting a 60,000 litre tank from the east coast of New Zealand to the west coast. This went surprisingly well, considering the size and scale of the operation. The 60,000 litre tank is now secured and going to replace five individual tanks around the site. Major earthworks are underway at the site.
After the new tank is fully installed there will be eight pumps installed that will be assessable to all those operators with an Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card. The site itself has a number of helicopter pads and is in high demand with regular aviation tour operators stopping there regularly between trips. Installing the eight pumps and allowing carnet card access will make it a lot easier for customers to access, operate and refuel in Franz Josef.

Check out the RD Petroleum App - 5th Jul 2018

RD Petroleum Mobile App Preview

Check out the RD Petroleum App, making it even easier for RD Petroleum bulk fuel customers and home heating customers to order fuel, or home heating diesel, by doing it with a few clicks on their smartphone. The app is available for Android and Apple devices via the Google Play and Apple App Store.

All bulk fuel customer can now order fuel (diesel, and petrol – 91 and 95) with just a few clicks on their phone, making it even more convenient for RDP customers. If you’re interested in becoming an RD Petroleum bulk fuel customer, send us an enquiry today.

For existing RD Petroleum customers who want to take advantages of the added conveniences of the RD Petroleum App, simply download it via the following links or search for ‘RD Petroleum’ in the Apple App or Google Play store from within your phone.

Download the RD Petroleum App for Apple iOS Devices from the Apple App Store.

Download the RD Petroleum App for Android Devices from the Google Play Store. 

If you’re an existing RD Petroleum bulk fuel or home heating customer and have any questions or queries about the RD Petroleum App, don’t hesitate to contact RDP on 0800 440 014.

RD Petroleum is now delivering home heating diesel to Queenstown and Central Lakes District - 12th Jun 2018

RD Petroleum is now delivering home heating diesel to Queenstown and Central Lakes District

Keep your home warm this winter with RD Petroleum. We deliver diesel to Queenstown and the Lakes District at competitive prices. RD Petroleum is a familiar sight for rural New Zealanders, supplying bulk fuel and having self-service petrol stations dotted throughout the South Island.

RDP has been delivering home heating diesel in the lower South Island main centres – Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin, and Invercargill - for several years, and with increased demand, has now expanded into the Central Lakes District delivering diesel to Queenstown, Frankton, Jacks Point, Wanaka, Arrowtown, and Cromwell. Where residents are welcoming the competitive pricing offered by RDP.

There is a few reasons the RD Petroleum home heating diesel delivery service is in high demand; RDP offers competitive pricing and their delivery service is a little different. RD Petroleum has specialist mini tankers that deliver home heating diesel. These mini tankers are specially designed with a 60m hose. This length of hose allows the trucks to access diesel tanks on your property without having to enter the property, avoiding the risk of any damage to your driveway.

The mini tankers are also part of RD Petroleum’s extensive fleet of vehicles, this means they have the latest in communication capabilities and GPS tracking onboard, so the operations team always know where they are and how far away they are from their next delivery.

If you choose to become an RD Petroleum customer, you also get offered discounted pricing and can become eligible for value-added benefits. All this means savings on your home heating costs. Sounds good, doesn’t it. To get started on keeping your home toasty and warm this winter with RD Petroleum, contact us on 0800 44 00 14.

RD Petroleum set to be Providing Roxburgh and Invercargill with Aviation Fuel - 7th Jun 2018

RD Petroleum set to be Providing Roxburgh and Invercargill with Aviation Fuel

RD Petroleum will soon be supplying Jet A-1 in Roxburgh. The site will be accessible to anyone with an RD Petroleum Carnet card. It will help support the local agricultural aviation industry - the area is one of New Zealand’s most important apple and stone fruit growing areas, with a mixture of livestock and fruit production in the area.

RD Petroleum will soon be at Invercargill Airport, with an avgas site going in next to the hangar of Southern Wings Aviation College, an Air New Zealand preferred aviation institution, and one of the oldest aviation schools in New Zealand. RD Petroleum will be replacing the current inground avgas tank later this month and it will, again, be accessible to anyone with a Carnet card. We imagine the popular Aviation College will be one of our biggest users at the site.

With both aviation sites being accessible 24/7 to aviation users with an RD Petroleum Carnet card, kiwi businesses across Otago and Southland will be relieved to see these services continue. If you have accessed these sites in the past, please contact us on 0800 44 00 14 to ensure continued service. RD Petroleum is proud to be supporting the agricultural and aviation industries across the South Island.


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