Agfest Winners have an amazing scenic flight over the Southern Alps - 9th Sep 2019

Congratulations to the lucky couple Mr & Mrs G Powell, who won a flight with Wilderness Wings thanks to RD Petroleum’s competition at Agfest, West Coast.

They were flown by Pilot Ben Patterson, owner of Wilderness Wings, on Saturday and they said the flight the trip of a lifetime. They took in breath-taking views of the Southern Alps, Aoraki/Mount Cook and the magnificent Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers.

They both said the experience was incredible and everyone should do this flight – the glaciers in particular - simply took their breath away.

They will certainly be telling their friends and family all about it and thanked RD Petroleum for the flight and the opportunity to see part of this beautiful country.

RDP adds a second Kenworth T610 into the fleet. - 5th Aug 2019

With the success of RD Petroleum’s first Kenworth T610 SAR to the fleet, RDP has upgraded a tractor unit to the latest in driver safety with another Kenworth T610, this time in an 8x4 set-up. The Kenworth T610 has proven its place in the RDP fleet and is well suited to its application.

This new unit will operate predominately from Dunedin to Queenstown and Christchurch where required. The addition of another Kenworth T610 brings a welcome challenge to the team as drivers undertake training to ensure they understand how to effectively operate the vehicle and the additional safety features.

This unit was registered in 2019 and comes with state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology and on-road safety features. It can monitor road and traffic conditions constantly, to prevent and protect drivers and road users from potentially hazardous situations. It comes with adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking, electronic stability, and more features to increase safety on the road.

The decals on the tractor unit were completed by Truck Signs in Tauranga, while the unit was set-up by SouthPac and Heavy Diesel Parts & Services (HDPS) in Christchurch.

Did you spot the new RDP Kenworth at the Rugby? - 29th Jul 2019

Lots of keen rugby fans managed to snap a pic with the new RDP Kenworth tanker that delivers much-needed aviation fuel across the South Island.

RD Petroleum has been giving away tickets to Ranfurly Shield games as part of the RD Petroleum Pre-Season. We’re proud to be a major sponsor and are chuffed to be giving away a few tickets and making someone’s day.

The RDP tanker has also been on-site, where people have been able to take a picture with the tanker as part of our Snap & WIN competition. The little ones have loved getting in a having a go, with a lucky few winning a $100 Rebel Sports voucher, which will hopefully help fuel their passion for sports further.

Thanks to all those who’ve taken part, hope you’ve enjoyed the game, and we’ll see how the season unfolds and if Otago will hold down the Ranfurly Shield!

RDP Aviation Fuel Sites on the Increase - 2nd May 2019

RDP Aviation Fuel Sites on the Increase

RD Petroleum continues to increase its aviation fuel sites. Balclutha services Otago and Southland, supplying Jet A-1 and Avgas, it’s open 24/7 and is accessible to anyone with an Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card.

More people are starting to take advantage of our Carnet card, for aircraft refuelling, and for savings on the ground at the growing number of RDP fuel sites across the South Island.

RD Petroleum is providing Avgas at the Canterbury Aero Club in West Melton, it’s a private airfield that is subject to access agreement so anyone wishing to use the card operated dispenser needs to have approved access from the Canterbury Aero Club to become a user of the site.

If you do have an Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card, here’s a handy map showing you all the locations throughout New Zealand where you can refuel your aircraft with either Jet A-1 or Avgas, including Air BP sites.

RD Petroleum Helping to keep Businesses Rolling with Winter Diesel - 15th Apr 2019

RD Petroleum Helping to keep Businesses Rolling with Winter Diesel

We know we’ve had unseasonably warm weather across the South Island but autumn is here and to quote Game of Thrones - winter is coming.

With the change in season in some areas, RD Petroleum switches from regular diesel to winter diesel. Winter diesel is set to the seasonal specification requirement for cold flow properties in diesel, basically, this means your diesel remains safe and easy to use, even on cold nights and chilly mornings.

To get technical, RDP works with BP Oil New Zealand and looks at the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP). This takes into account the highest temperature at which a given volume of diesel fuel fails to pass through a standard filtration device, in a specified time, when cooled under standardised conditions. We also check the Cloud Point (CP), which is the temperature at which the appearance of a cloud of wax crystals is first detected. Basically, it defines when diesel will stop running - and nobody wants that - especially in cold weather.

Winter diesel comes in at around mid-April onwards, weather dependent. Bluff and Dunedin terminals can reach as low as -15, while Timaru, Christchurch and Nelson are a little warmer, only reaching a -9. Some areas such as the Mackenzie Basin can really freeze, but RDP still has those areas covered, offering some customers a Rox diesel additive that will take the pour point down to a balmy -24.

Here at RDP, we’re about keeping your business running, and especially in places where we know it can get very cold in winter and where some of New Zealand’s (and arguably the world’s) tastiest produce relies on our fuel and diesel to stay safe from frost, that’s why we ensure our clients are up-to-date when it comes to winter diesel and recommend you check in with your RD Petroleum rep about winter diesel and how it applies to you.

Get a Reduced Carbon Footprint with Castrol VECTON - 15th Apr 2019

Get a Reduced Carbon Footprint with Castrol VECTON

Reduce your carbon footprint in your business thanks to Castrol VECTON. It’s the latest product to be released by Castrol and is a certified carbon neutral product. The Castrol VECTON range will increase drain intervals and help maximise profits.

Initially introduced in Australia, it’s the first certified Carbon Neutral diesel engine oil range. It’s replacing RX Super, RX Plus and Agri Power Plus. Using Castrol VECTON will reduce your carbon footprint by an estimated 80kgs of CO2 per service, on an average services usage of 40L of engine oil. They’ve made some great upgrades to their product with System Pro Technology, increasing performance reserve and fighting against oil breakdown.

Switching to Castrol VECTON and a Carbon Neutral engine oil will help your business to become carbon neutral. A net-zero carbon footprint can help businesses stand out from competitors as a more environmentally responsible business and help make a positive change.

Check out Castrol VECTON on RD Petroleum, including the Product Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.

RD Petroleum expanding on the West Coast - 25th Feb 2019

The RD Petroleum Haast aviation fuel site will soon be fully operational and open to anyone with an Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card. It has both Avgas and Jet A-1 and will be accessible 24/7. It supports the main economic activities in the Haast region; farming, fishing and tourism. RD Petroleum now has a strong presence on the West Coast, with aviation fuel sites soon in Haast, Franz Josef, and Hokitika. Tourism numbers across the country and on the West Coast are set to expand rapidly. It’s now peak season at Fox Glacier and Franz Josef, with estimated numbers reaching around 4000 tourist visitors each day.

RD Petroleum is currently building a new office in Waterloo, with the Christchurch team set to move from Woolston to Waterloo at around mid-May. If you follow RDP on Facebook, you might have seen a video by VIP Structural Steel with flyovers on the build in progress as the added structural steel beams, concrete walls and the roof. The new site also incorporates a fuel site with dual high flow AdBlue diesel for heavy vehicles and a six-hose dispenser with 95, 91, and diesel.

Congrats to our Fishing Competition Winners! - 16th Nov 2018

Congratulations to our two fishing competition winners who won a great fishing prize pack including a rod, tackle box, classic bucket hat and $100 Hunting and Fishing voucher.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our customers and everyone who has joined our Facebook community in 2018 and to all those people who have taken part in our competitions or sent through photos that have gone up online. We’ve seen some amazing fan photos of the trucks this year, and some happy winners, with free rugby tickets and kids with huge smiles that have really brightened our day.

You might not realise but the team at RD Petroleum do a lot of A&P shows and events across the South Island and RDP supports a lot of charities and sponsors charity events. We also do some great giveaways throughout the year specifically to our Facebook fans. So, if you’d like to keep up-to-date with the latest – please follow us on Facebook.


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