Continued momentum for RD Petroleum Aviation - 26th Jan 2018

Glentanner was completed on January 8th and is fully operational. It’s located at the main base of operations for The Helicopter Line (THL) who run tours up Mount Cook and surrounds, as well as being a key base for search and rescue operations. There are two pumps for use by THL, plus a public access line (closest shown) for itinerants. The concrete slab (shown in the image) is where our new tank was sympathetically placed underground, to not impact on the natural beauty of the mountains.

RD Petroleum’s Timaru site is set to be completed at the end of January. Conveniently placed next to the South Canterbury Aero Club rooms, the underground Avgas tank, with card swipe dispenser, will be a welcome addition to the area. RD Petroleum are looking forward to celebrating Flying New Zealand’s International and National Championships being held there from February 28th to March 4th. Best of luck to all those people competing.

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RD Petroleum soaring to new heights with new aviation sites - 1st Dec 2017

RD Petroleum soaring to new heights with new aviation sites

RD Petroleum have continued to expand their aviation fuel operations, and coming up to Christmas, will have more aviation operations up and running. Our Balclutha facility now operates Jet A-1, along with Av Gas, which is fantastic for the tourism operations, and agricultural operations in the Balclutha region. The aviation facility at Greymouth has changed from BP to RD Petroleum effective 1st of December.

RD Petroleum are always looking to the future and are expecting to have a site installed with Jet A-1 located at Haast during the first quarter of next year. While a site for Av Gas is going in early December in Timaru, conveniently located next to the South Canterbury Aero Club. Early January, we expect to have a Mount Cook facility, located at Glentanner, which will be open to Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card holders. Pictured here is one of the Mount Cook tourism operators who uses the Jet A-1 facility at Glentanner; The Helicopter Line (THL). All this wouldn’t be possible without the support of the local aviation industry at all our locations, thank you for your ongoing support and wishing you all safe and happy flying this holiday season.

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WIN: RD Petroleum have 10 Siku World Farmer sets to Give Away! - 19th Nov 2017

WIN: RD Petroleum have 10 Siku World Farmer sets to Give Away!

Christmas is fast approaching, and RD Petroleum are feeling the festive spirit. We are giving away 10 Siku World Farmer sets on Facebook. Visit RD Petroleum on Facebook and tell us who you think should have a Siku World Farm set under their tree and YOU could win one! And they go in the draw too!

What’s in the Siku World Farm Set? Everything a little would-be farmer could want! Especially their very own Massey Ferguson tractor! Each set includes:

Siku 1985 Massey Ferguson 8960 with Front Loader, Siku 1962 Tipping Trailer, 2x Siku 1447 Dairy Cows, 9x baseplates, 1x Barn, 1x Silo, 10x Trees, 16x Fence, 1x Grain, 100s of hours of fun.

The competition runs from Nov 20 - Dec 9. The prize winners will be notified via Facebook on Monday 11th December. As with all competitions, there’s T&Cs. Read RD Petroleum’s Siku Terms and Conditions

Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival, sponsored by RDP, was a big success - 16th Nov 2017

Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival, sponsored by RDP, was a big success

The Arrowtown Creative Arts Society have given us some great feedback on the Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival that RD Petroleum helped sponsor in October this year.

The Arrowtown Creative Arts Society let us know that “An Evening with Joe Bennett "- sponsored by RD Petroleum, had Joe on super-charge, interviewed by kiwi crime writer Brian Stoddart (pictured). The night was a great success, and attendances were also good for the events spread across the weekend. The Festival was the Society’s “feature” event of 2017.

We’re glad to hear the event went so well, and everyone had a great weekend. Well done Arrowtown Creative Arts Society.

RDP had a blast sponsoring the Arrowtown Trolley Derby - 8th Nov 2017

RDP had a fun weekend sponsoring the Arrowtown Trolley Derby. Proceeds from the event go towards the Arrowtown Preschool.

Big thanks to all the entrants who made the day! Here's some photos of some of the fantastic entrants and they're creative trolleys.

If you're interested in entering next November, check out Arrowtown Trolley Derby on Facebook or check in with the Arrowtown Preschool.

RD Petroleum Launch First Public Aviation Fuel Site - 26th Sep 2017

RD Petroleum Launch First Public Aviation Fuel Site

RD Petroleum are excited to announce our first aviation fuel site. We are now offering Avgas at Hokitika. RD Petroleum started operating out of the site in February this year, and have had a great response from customers who use the facility.

Many people have found it to be a welcome relief, as it’s cut down on travel time for a lot of businesses. Previously, companies such as Wilderness Wings, would have to fly an extra 40k up to Greymouth, so we’ve helped the local aviation industry by re-instating the site at Hokitika.

RD Petroleum have launched a new aviation branch to our business, and you can view all this on our new-look website. We’re excited to be expanding into aviation fuel supply, and based off the great feedback we’ve had back about our Hokitika site, kiwi pilots are too. We look forward to growing our business, and servicing more of the South Island’s aviation industry.

RD Petroleum had a Blue Do today to support Prostate Cancer Awareness - 25th Sep 2017

RD Petroleum had a Blue Do today to support Prostate Cancer Awareness

What’s a Blue Do? We’re all wearing blue and bringing along something for morning tea to support prostate cancer awareness and fundraise for the Prostate Cancer Foundation today.

Did you know that 1 in 8 Kiwi men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime? In NZ prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men, with around 3,000 registrations of prostate cancer recorded each year and, sadly, around 600 deaths each year.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation plays a significant role in promoting public awareness of this life-threatening disease. Hopefully raising awareness of prostate cancer - especially around the message that early detection can lead to much better outcomes, will help.

Thanks to all the RDP team today who participated in the morning tea to help raise awareness and support the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Here’s the RDP team's best blue food from our Blue Do! Today, we’re supporting prostate cancer by dressing in blue and eating delicious baked goods to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation and raise awareness for prostate cancer.

RD Petroleum’s New Mini-Tankers Meeting Market Demand - 1st Sep 2017

RD Petroleum’s New Mini-Tankers Meeting Market Demand

RD Petroleum now have three new mini tankers, purchased because of demand within the industry to provide a vehicle that is suited to the round town small businesses and particularly in the home heat market, in Christchurch and Southland. Our tanker in Christchurch is proving to be a great asset to the fleet, and with that in mind, we have now deployed mini tankers in Dunedin and Southland.

These vehicles allow us to have great maneuverability, so we can safely operate in tight areas, and can easily access our customers. They’re better suited for the home heat market, due to their size. We’ve found having a small vehicle such as this arriving at a property is preferable for a lot of our clients. Having these tankers locally based means we’ll potentially have faster delivery to our clients too.

We’ve had very supportive feedback from both customers and suppliers on our mini-tankers. Especially when the mini tankers turn up to someone’s personal home, as opposed to a larger vehicle. We look forward to seeing how they perform for our fleet over the coming months, and hope they continue to have such great backing from our customers.


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