Steve Sutton

Steve Sutton

Transport Manager

Steve enjoys his varied and all-encompassing role as Transport Manager for RD Petroleum. He’s passionate about working with others within the industry and enjoys learning from them in his day to day. His role involves looking after the RDP fleet of vehicles, health and safety, special projects and managing staff at Dunedin and Queenstown airport. He’s not only passionate about the company but also about the great people that make up RDP.

Steve started working at RD Petroleum in December 2010 after working across management and sales in the transport and hire equipment industry. He’s certainly knowledgeable about working ‘on the ground floor’ with over eight years working in the Airforce as a driver and refueler and at Christchurch Airport for seven years.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family and has two teenage children. He does swimming and biking to try and stay fit and plays social touch rugby. He likes to help and support his teenage children with their activities be it sport, schooling, or work.

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