Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to become an RD Petroleum fuel card holder; how do I do that?

Fill in one of the Fuel card forms under our Fuel Cards section (as it’s dependent on whether you’re an individual or a business) and send it to Feel free to give us a call on 0800 44 00 14 and we’ll help you through the process.

I’m an RD Petroleum customer. Can I order fuel or diesel via an App?

Yes! Via the RD Petroleum App, you can order diesel, or fuel via the RD Petroleum App now available for iPhone and Android and available in the Apple Store and on Google Play. Download it today to make ordering your fuel easier than ever before.

Can I use the BPMe App at RD Petroleum fuel sites?

You can find all RD Petroleum fuel sites on the BPMe App. With the BPMe App you can pay for fuel from your car at BP service station

The BPMe fuel app is available for iPhone and Android. We are excited to be able to offer this service to both our new and existing fuel card users, so you too can enjoy the convenience of this innovative mobile fuel app.

For existing RDP Fuel Card users, simply download the two forms under our mobile app information, read, sign and return them to along with a list of any cards you would like excluded from being able to use the app and then download the appropriate app from either the Google Play (for Android) or Apple Store (for iOS).

How our Self-Service Pumps work:

You will only be charged the amount of fuel that you use at the pump. In order to authorise your card for payment, a ‘hold’ of $200 is required when using a self-service fuel site. The credit card pre-authorisation process is standard practice across self-service fuel stations in New Zealand.

What is the pre-authorisation process?

A hold of up to $200 is placed. Once you have completed your fuel payment, the remaining amount (eg. if you spent $50 on petrol, you’d get $150 refunded instantly) will be automatically refunded back to you by your bank. Usually, your bank will process this transaction immediately. Unfortunately, occasionally your bank may take longer to release the held amount. Some credit cards will have a pre-authorisation hold for 2-3 business days, while some (especially international cards) may take up to 5 business days.

Why does RD Petroleum have a pre-authorisation process?

The pre-authorisation process is used to determine that you have funds available for your fuel purchased. All credit, debit and travel cards are subject to a pre-authorisation hold. It’s standard practice across New Zealand self-service petrol stations.

I purchased fuel from RD Petroleum and noticed I was charged $200?

That amount is the pre-authorisation fuel process amount. You will only be charged the amount of fuel that you use at the pump. If you are noticing a delay in receiving your refunded balance, please contact your bank.

What do I do if I’m experiencing a delay?

We suggest that if you are experiencing delays, contact your bank. Most banks in New Zealand release the held funds instantly, while we have encountered some delays when it is outside trading hours (eg. weekends or public holidays). If you are using an overseas or travel (credit or debit) card, we strongly suggest you contact your bank if you are experiencing a delay in the held balance being released.

Contact details for New Zealand Banks:


We have had customers experience delays with ANZ cards outside banking hours. If you need fund released immediately, call ANZ on 0800 269 296.


With ASB, you should not see any pre-authorisation holds in your account. If you do, contact them on: 0800 803 804


With BNZ, you should not see any pre-authorisation holds in your account. Their contact details are: 0800 275 269


With Kiwibank, you should not see any pre-authorisation holds in your account. Their contact details are: 0800 113 355


With Westpac, you shouldn’t see any pre-authorisation holds in your account. If you do experience a hold on your Westpac card, call Westpac on 0800 888 111.

How do I safely store fuel on my property?

RD Petroleum have a good resource of safety data sheets for best practice around storing fuel on your property.  View them in our Forms section. We have safety data on 91 octane petrol, 95 octane petrol, and diesel. There are fact sheets for Above Ground Fuel Storage on Farms and Tank Safety, along with other safety information available in our Documents section.

Where are your truck friendly sites around the South Island?

We have a number of sites around the South Island with high-flow diesel pumps for trucks and adequate spacing to fit trucks, without any hassles. You can download a PDF with all our stops on it, to make it super easy for you to make your way around the South Island in a truck. View our Truck Friendly Sites Map.

Where are the RD Petroleum fuel sites?

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