Fuel Safety

Keeping track of new regulations in the fuel industry and your obligations to meet them can be a tricky and time consuming part of your business.

To get you started, we have put together the following list of industry website links that we believe offer the best advice and guidance on regulatory and compliance issues. We will continue to monitor fuel industry developments and update the list from time to time with new and better links. If there is something missing from the list, or you want to discuss any regulatory or compliance issues, just give your RD Petroleum representative a call and we will be happy to help in whatever way we can.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Diesel

Visit Website:  http://www.msds.bp.co.nz/msds.aspx?msdsno=0000003079

Material Data Sheet for 91 (Unleaded)

Visit Website: http://www.msds.bp.co.nz/msds.aspx?msdsno=00003084-NZ

Material Data Sheet for 95 (Premium)

Visit Website:  http://www.msds.bp.co.nz/msds.aspx?msdsno=00003076-NZ

Material Data Sheet for Jet A-1

Visit Website: https://www.rdp.co.nz/files/694/file/Jet-A1-MSDS-pdf

Material Data Sheet for Avgas

Visit Website: https://www.rdp.co.nz/files/140/file/Avgas-BP-Material-Safety-Data-Sheet-pdf

Above Ground Fuel Storage on Farms - Worksafe NZ Good Practice Guidelines

Good Practice Guidelines - Abo ... e Ground Fuel Storage on Farms

Commercial customers - Emergency response Plan Template

Commercial customers - Emergency Response Plan Template

Farming customers - Emergency response Plan Template

Framing & Trade customers - Em ... ergency Response Plan Template

Tank Safety


Safety Sheet - Is this your tank?


Working safely with chemicals and fuels on farms



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