Geoff McLennan

Geoff McLennan

Territory Manager (Central & North Canterbury)

Geoff has been with RD Petroleum since September 2010. Geoff experienced a shaky start to RD Petroleum, starting just after the first Christchurch earthquake. What some might call a ‘turbulent start’ didn’t dampen down Geoff’s spirit, as a relaxed but driven person, he rose to the challenge admirably, like his fellow Cantabrians.

Geoff enjoys the strategic thinking and autonomy his role as Territory Manager of Central and North Canterbury involves. A charismatic, people person, Geoff’s years at RDP have taught him that people want to deal with good sorts of people. He likes that RDP has honesty and integrity as a company. He says, ‘we do what we promise - that’s easy to sell’.

Geoff relates so well to his clients because he brings a lot of experience in the rural industry to his role, with four planting seasons in rural Australia, along with ten years’ experience as a sheep dipping and weed spraying contractor.

He also has a Business and Communications Marketing and Management Degree from Otago University and has worked for Telecom New Zealand (now Spark) and has over five years’ experience in the transport industry. This means Geoff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, and to his co-workers and clients alike.

In his free time, Geoff enjoys trail bike riding on farm tracks and jet skiing.

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