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Make the switch and see the benefits

RD Petroleum has been helping people across the South Island get quality fuel at competitive prices for years. If you’re looking at filling in more than a few applications, don’t hesitate to get in touch and our staff can help you out. If you’ve got any questions throughout the sign-up process, don’t hesitate to contact us. Free call 0800 440 014 today.


Thanks for choosing RDP for your business. 

Soon your business can start seeing the value-added benefits of an RDP fuel card. Please fill in the Direct Debit Form, Credit Application Form (for Companies) and get each user to fill in a Fuel Card User Application. Please post your application to RD Petroleum Limited, PO Box 1487, Christchurch 8140. If you have a lot of staff, or simply need a hand, give us a call on 0800 44 00 14. We’re happy to help. 

RDP+Fuelcard+ +User+Application+ +FUEL+ONLY+2020

RDP Fuelcard - User Application - FUEL ONLY 2020

RDP+Bulk++Fuelcard+ +Credit+Application+Ltd+Companies+ +2021

RDP Bulk & Fuelcard- Credit Application Ltd Companies


RDP Direct Debit Form

RDP+Bulk++Fuelcard+ +Credit+Application+Ltd+use+for+Limited+Partnership

RDP Bulk Fuelcard -Credit Application Ltd Partnerships



Thanks for choosing RDP.

This is your first step in making the switch to RD Petroleum. Please fill in the Direct Debit Form, Fuel Card User Application and Credit Application Form and post them to RD Petroleum Limited, PO Box 1487, Christchurch 8140. 

RDP+Fuelcard+ +User+Application+ +FUEL+ONLY+2020 v2

RDP Fuelcard -User Application -FUEL ONLY

RDP+Bulk++Fuelcard+ +Credit+Application+Individual+2021 1

RDP Bulk and Fuel & Credit Application -Individual

RDP+Direct+Debit+Form+2021 1

RDP Direct Debit Form