Jasen Pitt

Jasen Pitt

Territory Manager (West Coast)

Jasen joined the RD Petroleum team on January 5th, 2020. With a background in civil construction, earthmoving, mining and agriculture, he knows what West Coast RDP customers need from their fuel supplier.

Jasen enjoys helping customers, getting out and meeting people. It’s satisfying to see the whole RDP team work together to deliver solutions to customers and the support from the wider team to deliver is phenomenal. While he knows big industry well, he’s happy to help out the little person too and is excited to see small businesses grow with the right infrastructure and support from RDP.

He’s worked closely with RD Petroleum from the early days on the West Coast, helping in a civil construction capacity outside the business, with the set-up of their fuel site at Kaiata. In 2020, Jasen worked in the gold mining industry. He also manages some earthmoving machinery and the local Robert Harris in Greymouth with his wife, Tracy. He spent his early years working on dairy farms and in the agriculture industry, before moving into heavy machinery and onto civil construction.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and spending time on his hobby farm. Travelling is another passion, that at this stage, will have to wait.


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