RD Petroleum expanding on the West Coast

RD Petroleum expanding on the West Coast

25th February 2019

The RD Petroleum Haast aviation fuel site will soon be fully operational and open to anyone with an Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card. It has both Avgas and Jet A-1 and will be accessible 24/7. It supports the main economic activities in the Haast region; farming, fishing and tourism. RD Petroleum now has a strong presence on the West Coast, with aviation fuel sites soon in Haast, Franz Josef, and Hokitika. Tourism numbers across the country and on the West Coast are set to expand rapidly. It’s now peak season at Fox Glacier and Franz Josef, with estimated numbers reaching around 4000 tourist visitors each day.

RD Petroleum is currently building a new office in Waterloo, with the Christchurch team set to move from Woolston to Waterloo at around mid-May. If you follow RDP on Facebook, you might have seen a video by VIP Structural Steel with flyovers on the build in progress as the added structural steel beams, concrete walls and the roof. The new site also incorporates a fuel site with dual high flow AdBlue diesel for heavy vehicles and a six-hose dispenser with 95, 91, and diesel.

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